Easy Strip-3™ 216

product diagram ES216

Patent #5489468

Easy Strip-3™ 216  is made with a strong and resilient closed-cell polyethylene foam combined with a woven cotton adhesive cloth. The woven cotton adhesive cloth used in this product allows for no residue to be left behind upon removal. The closed-cell polyethylene foam provides the conform-ability, compression strength and toughness required to meet the demands of industrial applications.  It also exhibits excellent resistance to chemicals.

Easy Strip-3™ 216  is ideal for shock absorption, insulation, cushioning, gaskets, seals, vibration and sound damping. It is primarily used in precast or prestress concrete production where both the form and the embedded item must be clean. Imaging is also eliminated due to the woven cotton adhesive cloth leaving no residue behind. Common applications would be hold connection plates and embedded connectors in place in.

Standard Roll Widths are 1/2, 1, 2, 3 and 4 Inches (Custom Widths Available)

Standard Roll Length is 108 Linear Feet

Features & Benefits

Allows easy removal in one piece
No residue eliminates clean-up
Excellent shear resistance
Closed-cell foam reduces seepage


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